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How to Leverage the Right Technology to Enhance the Employee Experience

Technology is at the center of every task your workforce completes, especially in the “new normal”. The quality of your digital tools can make or break employee experience.  

Your workforce uses technology to connect, collaborate, and communicate, and the quality of their digital experiences profoundly impacts overall employee satisfaction. If you’re looking to enhance your employee experience in 2021, leverage your intranet to achieve the following: 

Remote Employee Engagement

You and I both know that a remote workforce is here to see either in part or in full. However, while there are many benefits to remote work, there are unique challenges too. According to the Harvard Business Review,  62% of employees believe working remotely positively impacts engagement, yet only 5% are likely to stay at their company long-term.

How to Increase Employee Engagement and Self-Service

The easier you can make your employee’s job by having all the information they need to do their job and stay informed in one place, the more likely they will stay with your company, feel better at work, and perform effectively. The fact of the matter is that most employees must hunt for the information they need, which hurts employee engagement and reduces productivity significantly. This negatively impacts the employee net promotor score (eNPS) that puts significant weight on variables such as communication, resources, diversity and inclusion, and opportunities for growth and advancement.