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Our beliefs and methodology

INTELLECTIVE is an adjective meaning cognitive – the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. The result of this? A perception, sensation, notion, or intuition. It means that as cognitive humans, we can make plans, and execute those plans. We are smart enough to make goals – and to realize those goals.

We believe that creating good software takes significant strategizing and planning, which requires an intellective team. Our foundation in software design and development allows us foresight that we mix with empathy and a lack of assumptions in order to fully position ourselves as advocates for users. We understand that your user experience IS your brand in the digital world and that it touches on many aspects of an application including speed, visuals, usability and more.

With this unique combination of skills and backgrounds we use a user experience process as a guide to drive development and operations for digital solutions.


Services that get done

One of the core requirements in accomplishing a great product is the ability to understand what the company goals are while empathizing with their client needs, the end users. Everything else is a symptom. A UX Strategist is one of the lead practitioners of empathy when it comes to these two aspects of a project and our solutions are guided by decades of experience across a variety of fields. We help companies achieve a better understanding of their users’ perception of the products they offer. By doing so, we are able to create effective products that the users will use and follow.
If it is not tested, how do we know what works? We don’t! The size of the user base will help determine how much and how important testing will be. We recommend testing throughout the entire design process and provide the necessary setup to make it feasible. The ‘big reveal’ is a dangerous waterfall-type of practice and we prefer to review work in progress in a more agile approach so we can stay on the right track which typically saves time and money on potentially misdirected and wasted design work.
“Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” That’s rhetorical, but it does matter how information is presented. Following a proven methodology that allows users to be properly educated and leads them to feeling confident about making a decision is the key ingredient for managing user actions and conversion (or happiness). Information Architecture is at the forefront of the design process as the presentation of information is organized and combined to create a logical path through your product’s intended experience.
Trust is a key component in all of our lives and in many aspects. It’s why front-of-house people are so well groomed, right? We seem to have a certain respect for people who look like they take care of themselves. Well when working with an organization through a digital interface the interface is literally the ‘face’ of your company. So how do you look? Trustworthy? Do you seem to have it all together, or are we wearing an old, wrinkled suit or dress? Our Visual Design capabilities are top-notch and can have your digital interface looking amazing – which will in turn help to show your users that you are paying attention with current trends and technologies. Great Visual Design makes your brand look current and active.
Good software is not the one that just does the job but it is the one that is also manageable, predictable and extendable. Writing good code is an art and it is the we pay special attention to. We build products using the latest technology while keeping an eye on what is around the bend so when things change, we can adapt quickly and efficiently. Over the years, the objectives of building solutions has shifted – it transitioned from “one to many” to “many to many” and finally to “many to one”. This day in age, it is all about personalization and meeting your customers where they are and not trying to bring them to you. With this trend, having a mobile strategy and presence has become imperative to any business. We specialize in everything mobile, IOT and web – so no matter what the challenge, we can build it.
Ever want to add or expand your UX and Development service offerings but not get into the cost of building a team? Our teams have worked at and with companies that range from startups to fortune 100s. This gives us the understanding and experience needed to execute in any arrangement. Intellective white labels for Agencies, SAAS Companies and Management Consulting firms. Get in touch and we can help power your next pitch!


Process for Proven Results

We start with WHY and ask it till we truly understand what it is that you are really trying to create. This helps us deliver your true message to your customers in an effective manner. Every project is different but their end objectives always have a common thread – successful deployment that is both timely and hassle free. Our methods give you development that is both predictable and agile.

Agile or Kanban or XP? When it comes to development methodologies, there are a number of opinions. We don’t necessarily subscribe to just one of these – in fact, we take what works best for the phase of the project and use it. For example, when it comes to design, we use Kanban but for development we use Scrum until dry-run and then Kanban to finish items for launch. This helps both the developers and project managers to know where they stand and understand their priorities better.

With that said, here are some of the programs that we use when we start new projects or onboard new clients:


Our product consulting spans from high level architecture consulting to on the ground team deployment where we take on the entire development cycle and work with your internal stakeholders to bring your ideas to life. Our global presence helps us create a continuous delivery funnel where we see daily progress and cut down on both time and cost. We can also train your employees on various enterprise products as well as custom solutions we build to ensure that your internal teams are empowered and productive.


This is a 5 day hands-on program where your product managers and business stakeholders actively participate to plan the future of your product or service. In these 5 days we will go through idea generation, design, prototyping and testing ideas with your selected customers. This is a very effective program to cut out months of back and forth while bringing the necessary decision makers together and move forward.


This outcome oriented 3 week program explores every touch point that your customers have with your company. It does not stop at your digital products, it goes into how you answer your phones to what they experience when they get to your offices. First we establish the goals of the program and then dive into an immersive that is everything you and your brand. This program leads into our product consulting where we set you up with the brightest minds to execute on what is uncovered in the three weeks.

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We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View CA. We also have presence in New York and Chicago. Our global partner design and development centers are located in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Ahmedabad (India).

We are always open to opportunities to help people and businesses. Please feel free to contact us.

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