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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the most common questions we get!

What are certified ServiceNow products?

Certified products are built by ServiceNow Technology Partners and carefully vetted by technology team. They are re-certified for every platform release.

What is the typical time to deployment for intranet replacement?

Most of out intranet replacement projects go to production within 12 weeks.

What is your licensing structure?

All of our products have a very simple licensing structure. It is a fixed yearly cost per production instance of ServiceNow. There is no limit on the number of users or content created with our awesome builders.

What is the difference between Wonder and Employee Center Pro?

Employee Center Pro is just some employee centric widgets and functionality provided by ServiceNow. Wonder is a builder that can take any widgets and help you create a true personalized Employee Experience (and yes, you can use EC and EC Pro widgets in wonder)

Can we reuse some of the widgets we have already built?

Absolutely, Wonder builder supports embedding of any Service Portal widget whether it is out-of-the-box or a custom one

Do you help with design?

Yes, we can help you with designing just about anything. Most of our products. come with onboarding hours where we get you up and running to get the most out of our products.