Are you leaving money on the table by not focusing on self-service?

money on table
Employee self-service culture has expanded globally since the start of Covid. Staff have suddenly become extremely connected, savvy and self-sufficient. Self service culture means that employees prefer to be given tools which enable them to find answers and information themselves without seeking help from a person. Self service has become way more attractive to the workforce than waiting for help from a service manager. From grocery stores to banking, every industry has moved towards self-service. Employees are now expecting self service structures within their organizations as well.

How self-service can benefit your organization

Self-service is great for business! There are less touch points within daily activities (which means less mistakes). Employees are sustaining their roles with less reliance on other departments and busy support staff. Self-service is freeing staff to be proactive in their careers, ultimately growing the company. With the uncertainty of Covid, organizations now have a responsibility to make the resources staff need to do their jobs readily available from their mobile and home devices.

Here are just a few benefits of self-service:

    1. Empowers staff to feel self sufficient
    2. Teaches staff to become become intrinsically driven
    3. Staff become proactive
    4. Alleviates the burden on service desk personal (IT, HR, Finance, Legal, etc…)
    5. Saves companies $1000’s per month by reducing support functions

Calculate exactly how much implementing self service will save you

Intellective specializes in implementing self service solutions for companies using ServiceNow.
Amaze, from Intellective works on top of ServiceNow. It allows knowledge authors to make stunning knowledge articles quickly and efficiently. Knowledge is the number one self-service channel, and by shortening the content creation process with magazine-like articles, we get more value from the KB channel and increase our self-service ratio.
amaze builder
Wonder (also working on top of ServiceNow) allows business users to make changes to their company portal and website, without affecting any code (or relying on thinly stretched IT teams). Business users can add notices, change information, and add marketing materials quickly and easily, without interfering with the interface. Thus making valuable information available quickly so that employees can consume the info and self-serve.
wonder builder
Intellective has created a calculator, showing you exactly how much you can save by initiating self-service in your organization. Simply add the number of your employees into this calculator, then we’ll tell you how much you could save for each percentage point of self-serve improvement.
If you want to build your employee self-service culture, feel free to schedule a consultation session with us.