3 Ways To Take Your Digital Employee Experience To The Next Level

The new hybrid working model is a challenge for businesses globally. Staff are partly working remotely, and partly in the office. How do we keep scattered employees, working cohesively toward the company’s unique vision? The answer lies in a “next level” digital employee experience (DEX).

In this article, I’ll share three ways you can take your DEX to the next level. 

Firstly, what exactly is DEX?

Digital employee experience refers to the employee’s holistic online workplace experience. This could include the company’s website, portal, task management system, etc. Basically, the DEX is responsible for how your remote and hybrid working employees engage with your company.

Why do you need an engaging DEX?

Digital systems dramatically improve employee productivity. A hybrid workforce needs to access information on the go. Especially in this constantly changing climate. For example, if there is another lockdown, your employees need to know how they should work the next day, the new COVID safety policy, and how to engage with coworkers and superiors. DEX is the only way to bring a scattered workforce into one army, who work toward one vision. 

Unfortunately, most companies are starting their DEX from scratch with ServiceNow. This takes months and precious finances. Time and money are a scarcity thanks to COVID. 

Good news…this is where Marvel comes in. Marvel is a native mobile app builder for ServiceNow. Through Marvel you can create a simple DEX with a fraction of the development time and cost. No matter what restrictions are thrown at your business, your employees will always have access to critical information and each other.

THREE ways you can boost your Digital Employee Experience though Marvel

Boost Employee Self-service (take the burden off of your support operations)

Marvel allows users to set up hybrid workforce schedules. Displaying who should come into the office and when. As employees drive into work, they can see which desk is reserved for them, eliminating unnecessary touch points. Employees can check into the office within the app, allowing the company to have complete records of who is onsite at all times.

Support remote workers with Knowledge Articles

HR or any department can create “how-to” articles, allowing employees to function in a hybrid environment. Let your staff know how they can reserve their own desk, or how to host a Zoom meeting. All your processes, procedures and policies can be easily accessible from the employee’s mobile device. More importantly, articles can be edited and changed on the go, as fast as breaking news. This alone dramatically improves productivity and self-service.

Boost employee engagement

Staff can recognize and congratulate fellow employees, truly bringing the organization together! Marvel allows staff to like, heart and high-five any piece of content that is added to the employee portal. Whether it be a press release, “how-to” article, or a procedure. Employees can also give each other kudos! Even if colleagues are not within the same hybrid schedule, DEX allows them to stay “connected”.

With implementing just these three strategies, your remote workforce can feel like a powerful team again!
If you want to find out more about your “next level” DEX through Marvel, head to this webpage: http://intellective.co/marvel. Alternatively, you can always contact us