Creating Real Employee Engagement with ServiceNow Post COVID

Employee engagement is a significant part of a high performing company. Throughout the pandemic, some companies have become stronger and more profitable than ever. This is largely due to the way their employees care about their organization. These employees cared not only about their jobs, but also about the leaders they worked for. I have seen CEOs complain about how employees don’t show up remotely. And others have been completely humbled by how their staff go out of their way for their company.

This article is all about how you can use ServiceNow to get employees to actively engage in your company. We’ll look at what drives employee engagement, and how you can achieve great engagement post COVID.

What drives employee engagement?

It’s not always about promotional opportunities or increased salaries. True employee engagement is driven by communication, connection, trust, and belonging. More specifically, employees are engaged if they:

1. Trust the company’s leadership
2. Have great relationships with their team members and managers.
3. Feel proud to be part of the company

The easiest way to cultivate trust and connection is through communication. When your staff feel like their voices are heard. When they feel recognized for good work, they feel proud to be part of the company. They are also incredibly delightful to work with.

The miscommunication problem companies face right now

Internal communication is more important than ever, especially for large companies. Employee engagement is not a “nice to have”, it’s a matter of growing or falling to the wasteside. Engagement ensures staff are aligned with the changing priorities of the company. Priorities which change daily in a pandemic.

Even if you have structures for remote communication, your staff need to “want to” communicate and connect with each other. In a pandemic, engagement means that your staff will make sure their jobs are done at their best without anyone having to watch over them. Without engagement it is impossible to meet deliverables and keep afloat. You’ll find that one person carries the slack of many. This creates major dysfunction, mistakes in service delivery, staff turnover and loss of market share. All of which incur major costs.

Creating the infrastructure for engagement on ServiceNow is very costly and can take months. Maybe even a year. Precious time which companies do not have right now. This is why Intellective created engagement microapps that can be deployed on portal or mobile platforms. These microapps are easily added to your employee digital presence as part of either the Marvel mobile builder or the Wonder web builder. Both Marvel and Wonder builders are drag and drop visual builders for the ServiceNow platform enabling businesses to deploy employee engagement functionality in weeks at a fraction of the cost.

How can you achieve employee engagement post COVID with microapps?

Intellective’s microapps make employee engagement easy, convenient and enjoyable. Through a digital platform, staff can connect with each other at the convenience of their own home. Staff can work together remotely just as effectively as they would in the same room or building.

Microapps allow employees to have a voice and be heard. Employees can comment and share their thoughts on important news items in the company portal. Staff can give each other kudos for great work, encouraging collaboration and strengthening relationships. These features remove the competition between staff and truly bring employees together.

Staff can write their own instructional articles and publish them to the company portal. Not to mention, all your policies, news updates and important notices are available on your staff’s mobile device. Employees can get notifications on sudden changes to a project they are working on. Nothing will get lost in email again.

These engagement microapps are designed to develop communication, connection and trust within the organization.

Marvel and Wonder are the “go-to” tools to cultivate an engaged workforce. If you’d like to know more about them, visit our website. Alternatively, you can always contact us