Increase Employee Engagement with Recognition

Now that work is partly remote / partly onsite, how can we continue building a strong work culture (in other words, a stronger employee experience)?   That’s a question every Human Resources leader is thinking about.

Part of the employee experience includes recognizing the great work your co-workers and team members are doing. The impact recognition has on the productivity of business operations is mind blowing. Corporate culture is made up of people, and as humans, we want to know when we are doing well…and how well we are doing. 

Most companies had recognition structures in place pre-Covid, which are slowly falling to the wasteside. Companies are spending time and money on putting accountability structures in place so they can keep a close eye on remote workers. However, Appreciation organically makes employees more accountable to continue to produce good work. Not to mention, it sets the bar higher for all other employees. In short, recognition equals less slacking from home. 

What if there was a way that recognition just happened without management having to put new complex structures in place?

The Solution to Building Recognition Automatically

As part of Intellective’s Employee Experience package, they offer a solution which seamlessly integrates recognition into the organization’s employee portal. Thus encouraging camaraderie and appreciation in your workforce.

The best part you don’t need to buy another application and worry about integration challenges with your portal.  The Kudos app is part of the Employee Experience package, and is fully integrated into the experience.

How it Works

Employees can give kudos to co-workers within the employee portal / app. Employees who receive kudos can then choose to boast their recognition in their company profile and thus increasing their pride as being part of the company. 

Now recognition happens every single day automatically. It becomes part of the brand and the culture of the company. Recognition is no longer reactive, or more work for managers, it is simply a part of everyday life for everyone in the organization. This package allows for a truly engaged workforce.

Benefits of an Engaged Employee Experience Through Recognition:

  1. Employees recognizing each other results in a united work culture. 
  2. Productivity from each employee is well documented…without you having to lift a finger.
  3. (This one is the best!) Directors have all the data they need to complete their Quarterly Business Review (QBR). Making the decision on the QBR recognition is now much easier. 
  4. Lastly, when it comes to performance management, recognition data can be easily leveraged to ease the stress and push to get feedback on the individual performance.

The Employee Experience Package is powered by the unique experience of Intellective, derived by working firsthand with several ServiceNow customers in areas such as employee experience, employee self-service, and knowledge management.

Are you ready to increase your employee’s enagement?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, feel free to contact us