How to Leverage the Right Technology to Enhance the Employee Experience

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Technology is at the center of every task your workforce completes, especially in the “new normal”. The quality of your digital tools can make or break employee experience.  

Your workforce uses technology to connect, collaborate, and communicate, and the quality of their digital experiences profoundly impacts overall employee satisfaction. If you’re looking to enhance youremployee experience in 2021, leverage your intranet to achieve the following: 

#1. Increase productivity

Your employees want digital tools that will take their work to the next level. More than one third of workers note that their primary motivation for adopting new technology is the promise of heightened efficiency and improved teamwork. Employees want everything they need to do their job and get the information they need in one place. 

An intranet with a robust integrations framework allows you to bring together disparate systems in one, intuitive user experience. This comprehensive view to the digital ecosystem eliminates the need for constant platform switching, empowering your employees to reach peak productivity. The Employee Experience Pack makes it easy to create an engaging digital workforce experience by unifying, engaging, and personalizing the employee experience. 

#2. Give your employees a voice

Studies show that employees that feel heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform at their full potential. If you want to improve workplace performance, look no further than prioritizing employee feedback.  

Start by leveraging your intranet to launch pulse surveys that measure employee sentiment. Take feedback efforts one step further with discussion forums and suggestion boxes that will amplify voices from across your organization. 

#3. Recreate the office water cooler

With office happy hours and traditional team-building activities on hold, your employees are looking for new ways to connect with colleagues. 

By taking advantage of social networking capabilities, your intranet can fulfill the role your office water cooler once played. Giving your employees the ability to create and share content, send and receive kudos, commenting on articles and posts, and following make it easy for your users to build relationships with their colleagues near and far. 

#4. Inspire your employees

Studies done by the Harvard Business Review show that nine out of ten workers value purpose so heavily that they would be willing to receive less compensation to do more meaningful work. If you want to inspire your employees, make sure everyone feels connected to your organization’s mission and vision statement. 

Your digital workforce may feel as if they are performing tasks in a vacuum. To prevent this sense of disconnect from setting in, use your intranet to launch corporate give-back schemes and volunteer initiatives. Turn to social networking capabilities to spark conversations about what your organization stands for and how you can continue to serve your community. Just because your employees are working from homes does not mean they cannot contribute to the community in a meaningful manner. 

#5. Recognition for a job well done

Everyone is eager to be recognized for a job well done, yet only 1 in 3 employees report receiving a virtual pat on the back for doing good work in the past week. While some leaders may have once relied on in-office celebrations to thank their employees, recognition efforts need a revamp to resonate in the work-from-home era. 

Turn to your intranet to launch a recognition scheme that will highlight difference makers in every role and region. Award badges and kudos to employees who embody your organization’s values and create a series of blog spotlights to recognize internal ambassadors. 

#6. Make it easy on your organization

If you are overwhelmed by all the ways to increase employee engagement, then you are not alone.  The faster and easier you can deploy an effective digital workforce experience, the better you will attract and retain employees to support your business. Intellective’s Employee Experience Pack makes it easy to implement the strategies discussed in this article. 

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