How knowledge can fuel your remote work

In the “new normal” working situation, organizations have struggled to coordinate vital information between their staff to allow them to do their jobs remotely. Knowledge Managers have worked overtime implementing new “work from home” programs and information packs. 

There have been countless new company and government policies rolled in the past year and CEO’s, Directors, Knowledge Managers, and the IT Department just cannot keep up. Try getting ready for a new COVID set of restrictions within 24 hours. We’ve all done it…and it’s a nightmare. 

The unusual spike in phone calls and chat support which almost every support department is experiencing right now is costing companies unnecessarily. This can be avoided if the right information is available to staff to look up themselves. The problem is, Knowledge Managers and support functions don’t have the time to suddenly create new information guides when information suddenly changes.

So how can we cut down this burden?

It’s time to take the burden off of Knowledge Managers and distribute the responsibility of making knowledge readily available where it rightfully belongs: into the hands of the people who know the knowledge. Meaning all department support functions across the enterprise including HR, IT, Finance, Legal, etc…

This step will free Knowledge Managers to focus on their biggest role: setting standards, discovering knowledge gaps, and reporting on knowledge effectiveness. By the same token we want to avoid having support functions get stuck answering the same questions over again.

So how can we share the responsibility of information coordination?

  • The solution is to create a bank of information articles which employees can access at the drop of a hat. With information readily available to employees, there is no excuse for staff not to be responsible for their own effectiveness within the organization. Articles may include, “how to’s”, common mistakes to avoid, FAQs, points of contact when you get stuck and more.

  • Most CTOs have been recommending ServiceNow (SN) to create a knowledge support centre (KCS). Functions of a KCS includes automating important workflows such as writing and producing articles which cover every knowledge area known to the organization. ServiceNow is a great help, however, on the current SN platform, the user experience of knowledge authoring is extremely limited at best. You basically start out with a blank screen. Of course, this makes it difficult to even start a new article (unless you’re a Rockstar Copywriter), thus delaying vital information needed for employees to “self-service”.
  • Intellective’s app: “Amaze” solves this problem. It seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow and enables content writers to create easy to consume articles from a rich set of pre-built components. Amaze also contains a vast amount of templates that have all the required structural elements (headings, steps, images, etc.) for an effective article.

  • The best part is, not only the savvy Content Producers or Knowledge Managers are able to use this platform. Anyone in the organization can create their own articles quickly and easily. Amaze lets users create articles much quicker than other apps on the market, and the resulting articles are nothing short of Amazing, (pun not intended!).

  • Finally, templates can be customized with your company’s exact branding elements making its creators the heroes of brand ambassadors!

As COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation, making knowledge readily available to the employees is a critical part of this transformation.  With Amaze, IT departments are enabling their companies through this digital transformation by accelerating content creation and producing engaging experiences. 

If you would like a demonstration or wish to know more, feel free to contact us