Are Your ServiceNow Apps Keeping Up With Your Staff?

The employee experience standard within ServiceNow (SN) apps has become exponentially higher. Remote staff need quick and easy technology to complete their work outside the office. Mobile apps from ServiceNow provide great functionality, however the interface is often difficult for staff to make sense of. A lot of employees tend to give up, or ask IT how to use a simple feature. The time and cost you were trying to save by using SN goes out the window. 

In this article I’ll share how organizations can achieve a seamless digital employee experience via ServiceNow.

Employee Experience Standards

ServiceNow may be the leading platform to manage digital workflows, however other major applications like Uber, online banking or Netflix are setting the bar for what employees expect from an app. These apps create effortless user experiences, beyond what ServiceNow can produce.

Introducing Marvel, the Mobile Builder for Servicenow

This is why Intellective built Marvel, which works on top of ServiceNow. Marvel is a tool which creates stunning user experiences within the workplace. Marvel makes performing organizational workflows seem as easy as ordering an Uber, or making a bank transaction. It takes self service to the next level. Employees can perform their tasks remotely, and their managers have full visibility of what is being done, and by whom. What would take months for IT to build in SN, takes weeks through Marvel!

Check out these Marvel use cases:

Marvel not only takes workflows to the next level, it also makes work life more convenient for employees and business owners.

  1. Imagine if you could order food from the local cafe, straight from your desk. Then get a notification when your order is ready. 
  2. If your business has different locations, staff can pull up directions or connect to Google maps just by clicking on the location within the company app. You could also see which employees are at each location at a given time. 
  3. Staff can access procedures and “how-to” articles straight from their mobile.
  4. Employees can submit requests to HR directly through the app. HR can approve or reject requests without sending countless emails. 
  5. Staff can make use of a chatbot to find the information they need. 
  6. In preparation for a hybrid work environment, employees can reserve desk space directly from their phone and scan QR codes to gain access to buildings and spaces.

Here’s How Marvel Creates These Experiences on Servicenow:

  1. Visually appealing interface – the colors and graphics in Marvel are used strategically. With simple and great looking graphics, staff know exactly where to find what they need within the interface. 
  2. Intuitive – Users always know where they are in the workflow, and what they are interacting with at any given moment. 
  3. Focused – Marvel allows employees to focus on one task at a time.
  4. Simple navigation – Staff can get the answers they need within a couple of clicks or swipes.
  5. Connect socially – Employees can interact with their colleagues on the go.

Intellective also has over 10 years experience in organizational systems. They use this knowledge to work with business and suggest which functions would work best for them.

Find out more about Marvel.