How IT can manage return-to-office (RTO) strategy

COVID-19 has forced organizations to restructure some of their operations by closing many physical locations. Now that things are “relatively” open again, another restructure needs to happen to get employees back into the office safely. Multinational companies have to adapt to localized virus dynamics such as a new strain of the virus.  Organizations are scrambling to outline the strategy, responsibilities and tactics that will enable them to continue operating in this new “normal” – while keeping customer delivery or services at satisfactory levels.  Additionally, employees work location preferences need to be accounted for, and need to feel they have a say in the RTO decision.

Global Organizations are turning to apps to handle the transition

The Evolution of IT Research Report, was done to find out what 500 global IT leaders are doing to maintain SLAs and business continuity in (and post) the 2020 global pandemic.

Key takeaways include:

  • Around 80% of IT leaders think that the companies’ workload will reside in the cloud post-COVID-19.
  • Nearly 95% of participants think that investment in automation of different processes within their company is a major goal in the next three years. This will allow them to focus on strategic tasks and implement new, innovative approaches.
  • IT teams believe that their infrastructure barely stands any change or is “somewhat prepared” to withstand this pandemic (around 64% of IT decision makers).

As you can see, one of the best crisis responses to the pandemic is to invest in employee productivity tools and expand the use of the cloud, as well as investment in monitoring tools.

How ServiceNow and Marvel can help you manage your RTO plan

Intellective’s mobile app builder, Marvel (which integrates into the ServiceNow platform) can help you build the productivity tools needed to manage ALL aspects of your RTO plan, including:
  • Managing available workspaces in the office,
  • Enforcing safety guidelines 
  • Keeping track of and managing resources related to security and safety guidelines
  • Tracking employee availability for different staffing needs and more. 
These productivity tools can be built at a fraction of the cost, in a matter of days instead of months compared to existing methods.

Here are a couple of challenges that can be overcome with the app builder, Marvel:

1. Working with Covid-19 imposed limitations:

  • Businesses are required to set up a fairly complex workflow to decide who and when people can return to office. 
  • With Marvel, employers can create a clear framework of where their employees will be working from and who they will be working with. This is all needed prior to the employees returning to the office due to health, safety and trust reasons.
  • With Marvel, you can put the power in your staff’s hands by allowing them to view workspace availability and choose a desk or area to work from. While days out the office can be noted so co-workers are informed as well.
  • As for the employers; this facilities management app will be a centralized dashboard to monitor workplace availability, desk schedules, and in-office contact tracing, helping them react promptly if any issues occur.

2. Keeping track of health attestation and matching healthy and available employees with staffing needs:

  • With Marvel, a monitoring tool can be created which manages leave requests, leave approval and leave tracking, secure repositories for COVID-19 screening results and insights, and health attestation support resources.
  • You can create and share a health attestation form with all employees as well as manage all aspects of the form. Automatic email reminders for staff to complete the form can be sent out. Notifications that warn administrators about possible exposures to COVID-19 can be generated.
  • For employers, this will provide a central place to store responses in real-time, and view advanced health insights across the entire workforce.

3. Risk mitigation by contact tracing

With Marvel, the employer can get detailed insights for employees who have been in contact with a potential or confirmed COVID-19 case at work.

Most IT departments are urgently seeking solutions that will empower them and their teams to quickly respond to a possible crisis.  Additionally, they want to automate complex workflows which will result in better self-service, service delivery, and improved employee experience and satisfaction.

Intellective has implemented Marvel solutions with many ServiceNow customers to manage RTO employee experience, digitization and workflow automation.

Our customers love Marvel for ServiceNow. If you would like a demonstration or wish to know more, feel free to contact us