Operate Your Business In Other Languages

This past year, we have seen an increase in the demand for translations. Not only pertaining to documents and training material, but entire operations! I believe it’s due to a couple reasons:

  1. People and teams not being in the room anymore, leading to miscommunication between multilingual team members.
  2. Enabling non-English locations to work from home with access to information in their language. 
  3. Acquiring new service or vendor agreements with other countries.
  4. Keeping up with competition who are providing your same services to multilingual users.

Regardless of the reasons, the fact is that we have to depend on technology to communicate right now and in the foreseeable future. The big question is, how do you transform your ENTIRE business from operating in English only, to operating in other non-english speaking countries?

What People Are Currently Using

Dynamic Translation within ServiceNow is one of the most commonly used tools for translations. ServiceNow is a powerful tool when it comes to technology development and innovation. It unlocks incredible potential and innovation. However, when it comes specifically to translations, we have and we found it to be very challenging. If you or your IT team have tried translating say an employee portal and all its components, you’d know there are a lot of “t’s” to cross, and a lot of code to clear to make sure you’ve covered all your content. Not to mention, the need to perform some heavy manual work.  Imagine you have a catalog with 500 items or more. Each catalog item consists of 13 data points (title, description, questions, etc…).  By performing a quick math, for each language there are 6,500 data points.  For 10 languages, we now have 65,000 data points. To translate that catalog would require at least a 3-months effort and cost around $100,000, making translation an expensive endeavor many companies are avoiding in today’s uncertain financial climate.

New Tool Which Makes Translation Easy

Intellective has created a specialized tool which works on top of ServiceNow to translate entire systems, websites and applications with complete ease. Letting companies quickly evolve their operations into multiple languages. 

Here’s how “Transform” makes the translation process easier:

  1. You can automatically translate all assets into any language you need. Cut the time and cost it takes to painstakingly go through all the assets like catalog items and manually translate them.
  2. Transform maps each catalog item itself. Transform eliminates tons of manual work by crawling through the whole structure for you. 
  3. Users can translate translation strings which are embedded within the actual code.
  4. If there are strings hardcoded, you can copy and paste them into Transform and it will do the mapping to put them in the correct place.

We have accounted for all situations when we designed Transform, so you can translate your portal or application in a few hours rather than a few months. Now you can create a fully localized experience in a heartbeat. Better yet, you can enable your business to operate in brand new markets which may never been accessible!

Are you ready to Transform your business?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, feel free to contact us