How a No-Code Builder can put the Power in Your Hands & Take the Pressure off the IT Team

After everything that has happened this year, we know how much pressure the IT department must be under right now. With the whole work from home doctrine, IT is the main enabler to this 100% digital employee experience.  With handling hundreds of requests every day, it may feel as if the IT department gets the blame for everything that happens in a typical business. On the flip side, fellow departments are just as stressed with the IT department being seemingly slower than usual. 

If you are using Servicenow to power your employee experience, there is great news to help you stay on top of the changes needed to keep your business running, and your employees getting the latest information so they can do their best job.

So how can we help IT and other employee experience department stakeholders out and live happily ever after, working together seamlessly?

Simple: lessen the burden by giving other departments the power to change/add their own information.

Here are a few examples as to how this could look for you:

  1. Share responsibility: What if each department stakeholders had access to a no-code development tool which let them change and add or change information at the drop of a hat?  Say HR wants to put an announcement regarding a change in working from home policy, they can update the campaign banner easily without involving IT. Shared responsibility is the first step to flattening the burden.
  2. Make room for innovation: Well this goes hand in hand with the 1st point. Once you’ve shared responsibility, now the IT department is free to innovative and solve bigger, more strategic issues which will ultimately make your life easier.

As organizations are focusing on agility and innovation across enterprise users, low-code/no-code development tools step in, enabling companies to provide experiences, be it on a PC in the office or a smartphone in an airport. Allowing staff to always be up to date with what is happening in the company.

With Wonder (the only visual builder for Service Portal on ServiceNow), business users are able to make changes easily without involving IT or breaking the portal.  This is the first time business users are controlling their own destiny by keeping the employee portal experience fresh and relevant.  Not to mention a page builder cuts IT development time by more than 75% of the time. Now the IT department can develop without adding any extra person to payroll or having to learn new technology.


Here are a few of the features Wonder provides which could help your team:

1. Customizable Components:

Having a page builder with many customizable components ranging from the simplest component to more advanced ones is sure to help ease the load on your designers and developers. If your company wants a new website within a week, you can quickly use the 100’s of components that Wonder provides and put the website together in no time.

2. Stunning and Fully Customizable Templates:

Want to start from scratch? Or want something predesigned that you could just work with? Wonder comes with high-quality customizable templates that kick start employee experience portals and you can build on and edit to match your specific brand.

3. Simple and quick to get started:

One reason why Wonder excels is how easy it is to get started with it. Whether you are a non IT enterprise user or a pro developer, Wonder makes it very easy to get started immediately without tampering around with custom code. It operates on the Gartner low code quadrant and with all its predesigned and packaged features, you can just start building immediately.

4. Fully Mobile Responsive:

Wonder’s templates and themes are also fully responsive, and come with an integrated ServiceNow Workflow for collaboration. This means that features get approved before they are pushed to production and it includes an advanced controller for complex data interactions.

Our customers love Wonder for ServiceNow. If you would like a demonstration or wish to know more, feel free to contact us