Government Health Services Agency


As part of the agency's exploration for revamping the employee experience they reached out to ServiceNow to get a glimpse of how they implemented their own employee portal. After reviewing the innovations that were implemented in that solution, and the impact on the business KPI's, the agency decided to adopt a similar approach. ServiceNow recommended Intellective to the agency given Intellective's deep involvement in developing ServiceNow's employee portal.

Increase in their self-service rate by 6%

Millions of dollars in cost savings

Consolidate disparate systems into Wonder saving time and money




7000+ employees


Baltimore, MD

The Challenge

The agency implemented ServiceNow thinking that the out-of-the-box portal tool would provide them the functionality they needed to engage their employees and experience a high self-service rate. Although the agency did achieve a 61% self-service rate by implementing ServiceNow, they believed they could do better; because employees still had to go to disparate systems to get the information they need. Even worse, employees got tired of looking all over the place to get the information they needed so they would just do what is convenient, which is to call the service desk. Employees also felt disconnected from the organization; because they could not find information on what the organization was doing and how it impacted them.

The Solution

The agency wanted to build a culture of self-service where employees could find their own answers while feeling connected to the organization. The agency knew that they had to consolidate information and various websites contained within multiple systems and put it within a central location. Wonder was able to do what the out-of-the-box portal builder could not do. Wonder allowed the agency to build portals that contained all the information an employee needed in one central location without having to go digging for it. The Wonder tool also allowed employees to find the answers to the questions they were looking for while at the same time consume organization information that was important to them.

The Benefits

The agency was able to achieve several key tangible and intangible benefits after implementing Wonder. The first benefit they experienced was a substantial cost savings due to achieving an addition 6% increase in their self-service rate. This led to millions of dollars in cost savings each year since team members could rely on the portal for information versus calling the help desk. Wonder also allowed the agency to consolidate disparate systems into Wonder saving the company time and money in maintenance costs, security patches, and server management since all of the information was stored through Wonder by leveraging their Servicenow environment. The agency also saw an increase in employee engagement and satisfaction since they could easily find information about the organization that affected their career and impacted their working environment.

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