Enhancing Retail Employees Output through a Connected Experience


The client is an iconic brand in the retail industry. They operate throughout the globe with more than 800 retail stores ranging from boutique stores to malls to outlets.

Sales output increase by 15% across locations

Achieve sales goals with less staff at each location by 15%

Significant increase in the employee self-service rate




10000+ employees


San Francisco, CA

The Challenge

You and I both know that salespeople at retail locations can feel like they are on an island. Many of those salespeople realize just how far out on an island they are when they must log an issue, get answers to their questions, get resolution to technology issues at their location, get their registers fixed, or find what is happening at the mother ship so they know what is going on and how it affects them. The upper management team was shocked to find out how much time personnel at each location spent talking to IT to resolve issues or find information that would help them get their questions answered. The retailer did an investigation and found out that they were spending between 20% and 40% of their time each week speaking to IT to get issues resolved or speaking with corporate about promotions that are not working. Obviously, this was taking time away from spending time selling their products to customers walking into the store.

“We want our sales associates to feel they are supported from corporate and have access to information at their fingertips to keep doing their job of selling.”

- Vice President of Retail Operations

The Solution

The Fortune 100 retailer wanted a way to automate how branch location personnel interact with IT to get their questions answered and their technology issues resolved. Our client also wanted to automate how they can resolve other issues such as not receiving their paycheck and benefit registration and changes. They also wanted to empower the salespeople at each location to find out the answers to their questions without having to speak with anyone at headquarters.

The Fortune 100 retailer leveraged a mobile app tool called Marvel that sat on top of ServiceNow to automate problem resolution. Instead of having to call into IT or corporate personnel, salespeople at each location can now open the app, pick the equipment that is broken from a pick list based on their location, and submit a ticket. Once the ticket is submitted, it gets routed to the right resource at headquarters while providing the salesperson the status on each service ticket. Remote salespeople can also get other issues resolved like missing paychecks or incorrect paychecks resolved without any human intervention. They could also get the correct promotion code directly from the mobile application. The mobile app also provided them answers to their questions on a multitude of subjects without the salesperson having to speak to anyone, which increased employee engagement.

Driving Employee Engagement with:



Staff Associates can receive vital communication relating to their shifts, department, or other important information straight from Corporate.



Employees can easily search for a relevant “how-to” knowledge article to fix minor issues themselves.



Allowing staff to provide pointed feedback on their interactions with corporate and other departments



Notifications of progress on support tickets are sent straight to their mobile device.

The Benefits

Here are the tangible benefits that our client received through the mobile app. we implemented:

Sales output increase by 15%, on average, across their locations.

IT and other functions were able to receive real-time feedback on problem resolution by enabling the salesperson to provide feedback on each ticket entered.

The retailer was able to achieve sales goals with less staff at each location by 15% due to the increase in productivity.

A significant increase in the employee self-service rate with no human intervention.

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