money on table

Are you leaving money on the table by not focusing on self-service?

Employee self-service culture has expanded globally since the start of Covid. Staff have suddenly become extremely connected, savvy and self-sufficient. Self service culture means that employees prefer to be given tools which enable them to find answers and information themselves without seeking help from a person. Self service has become way more attractive to the workforce than waiting for help from a service manager. From grocery stores to banking, every industry has moved towards self-service. Employees are now expecting self service structures within their organizations as well.

personalization to optimize digital employee experience

4 ways to use personalization to optimize digital employee experience

Personalization is part of our everyday lives. We expect a personal experience whenever we interact with social media, Netflix, Uber and any other digital platform. Digital personalization makes our lives easier. It makes the information that is important to us accessible right away. Personalization is the perfect foundation on which to build an organization’s digital portal, however, it is often an afterthought.


How to use ServiceNow to Design a WFH Experience

Companies are spending a lot of time figuring out their work from home (WFH) procedures. Employees are requesting more flexibility, however, organizations are finding it difficult to keep up with this demand. Companies are dictating when staff should be in the office, defeating the purpose of allowing staff flexibility. How do you provide the flexibility employees need, while keeping full visibility on the company’s operations? More importantly, how do you give your staff everything they need to do their jobs while they are mobile?
In this article I’ll share how organizations can achieve a seamless digital employee experience via ServiceNow.

Are Your ServiceNow Apps Keeping Up With Your Staff?

The employee experience standard within ServiceNow (SN) apps has become exponentially higher. Remote staff need quick and easy technology to complete their work outside the office. Mobile apps from ServiceNow provide great functionality, however the interface is often difficult for staff to make sense of. A lot of employees tend to give up, or ask IT how to use a simple feature. The time and cost you were trying to save by using SN goes out the window.

In this article I’ll share how organizations can achieve a seamless digital employee experience via ServiceNow.

Creating Real Employee Engagement with ServiceNow

Employee engagement is a significant part of a high performing company. Throughout the pandemic, some companies have become stronger and more profitable than ever. This is largely due to the way their employees care about their organization. These employees cared not only about their jobs, but also about the leaders they worked for. I have seen CEOs complain about how employees don’t show up remotely. And others have been completely humbled by how their staff go out of their way for their company.