An automated approach to translate your portals and their associated data elements like Catalog items. Enable your business to operate in new countries in a matter of hours.

From Local to Global in a few clicks

What used to take teams of people months to deploy, can now be done in just a few hours with Transform. Whether you want to translate platform apps or your own apps, use Transform to get that done quickly.

Transform can enable your business to operate in different locales and countries  positively impacting your business and operations. Your employees and customers wont feel intimidated speaking a language they are not comfortable with resulting in increased satisfaction and efficiencies across the board.

Configuration driven setup

Create nested configurations to map any translatable data in the ServiceNow system. Automatically translates child configurations.

Translate free text strings

Add any number of text strings and auto translate them. Select particular language or all enabled languages.

Supports promoting translations through your dev stack

Translations are run in jobs to make moving more manageable

Translate UI Actions on configured tables

Enable/Disable translation UI actions for records to instantly translate in all enabled languages

Ready to globalize your Enterprise?

Contact us for a personalized demo and implementation of Transform for ServiceNow or check it out on the ServiceNow store.