How to Increase Employee Engagement and Self-Service in a Matter that Drives Employee Retention Using ServiceNow

How to Increase Employee Engagement and Self-Service in a Matter that Drives Employee Retention Using ServiceNow

The easier you can make your employee’s job by having all the information they need to do their job and stay informed in one place, the more likely they will stay with your company, feel better at work, and perform effectively. The fact of the matter is that most employees must hunt for the information they need, which hurts employee engagement and reduces productivity significantly. This negatively impacts the employee net promotor score (eNPS) that puts significant weight on variables such as communication, resources, diversity and inclusion, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

It pays for companies to keep staff happy, according to new research. If workers spent just one less hour a week on boring, routine tasks, the uptick in their engagement levels would be worth $46 million in extra profits to a top 200 company, research from software company ServiceNow and Deloitte AccessEconomics reveals.

ServiceNow's research found that younger workers were less likely to feel highly engaged by their work. One in three workers aged between 55 and 64 were highly engaged compared to just 6 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds. Rachel Service, Chief Executive of Consultancy Happiness Concierge, has found that employee engagement was directly correlated to performance.

So, the question to ask is, “how do we increase employee engagement?” Top employers create an environment where employees feel connected to the organization and have a positive work experience that's part of a rich, fulfilling life. Benefits such as clear and frequent communication on company happenings, individual and department direction, and big-picture company direction make all the difference in employee happiness.

Research also found that reward frequency is more important than size. Business feedback indicates that smaller, frequent positive feedback and rewards will keep people happy longer than a single large, infrequent happy event. Even the biggest awards or raises 'wear out' in less than a year, with most employees responding better to small doses every few days such as kudos.

This can all be accomplished with a simple tool that sits on top of ServiceNow called Wonder. Wonder allows you to take information from various systems across your organization and have it all located in one central location. This means your employees will have all the information they need in one place without hunting for it across the organization. Business users can also make textual changes to the portals without having to go through IT.

Intellectives Wonder Builder

Wonder also enables you to help employees feel great through a built-in kudos application. You can also help build employee morale through favorites and personalization so that each employee has a tailored, customized employee experience that drives productivity and performance. You can also build in recommendations for things like catalog items and knowledge articles based on each employee’s interests. Each employee has a comprehensive profile that includes HCM data to efficiently manage a 360 view of the employee’s information including HR data, facilities, performance, compensation, and company news. Wonder can help you enhance the employee experience in a manner that drives morale and employee productivity.

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