Intellective, ServiceNow Employee Experience Expert Named ServiceNow Elite Partner

Intellective, ServiceNow Employee Experience Expert Named ServiceNow Elite Partner

Intellective's innovative Low-Code/No-Code certified Built-on-Now products usher in a new era of consumer-like end-user experience on ServiceNow platform while helping customers maximize their ROI and cutting time to market.

Intellective announced today that it has been named a ServiceNow Elite Partner, a top tier partner status. Intellective met ServiceNow's stringent partner requirements by staying true to their mission of bringing WOW ON NOW through innovation and customer focus. The main driver for the advancement was their certified Built-on-Now products Amaze, Wonder and Transform which enable customers to build cutting-edge employee experiences while leveraging the power of the ServiceNow platform and workflows.

Intellective's Low-Code/no-Code Builders for KB Articles, Web Portals and Mobile Apps for ServiceNow

Ritesh Dalal, Intellective's CEO, sees the achievement of ServiceNow Elite Partner status as a validation of their dedication to the customers and keeping their promise of delivering massive value. With added support from ServiceNow and their growing customer list, Intellective aims to keep innovating on these products that will help customers maximize their return on investment and harness the power of ServiceNow Platform. He added,

"Most of the market still sees ServiceNow as a ticketing platform. We hope to change that perception and help customers realize how versatile and powerful it actually is. ServiceNow can replace all those one-off solutions and static intranets to give the organization a unified and actionable location that is not only functional but also delightful. With ServiceNow, you digitize the enterprise; add Intellective and now you can Consumerize the Enterprise"

Intellective's VP of Products and User Experience, Abdul Halabieh indicated that there are major announcements in the works including certification of their Marvel Mobile Builder which enables customers to deploy branded and targeted mobile experiences right from the ServiceNow platform. Celebrating his recent two year anniversary at the company, Abdul remarks,

"I used to be a customer of Intellective and after seeing the innovation that was taking place at Intellective and also speaking to a number of other ServiceNow customers, it was clear to me that these products will change how customers perceive ServiceNow. We are taking these lessons learned and packaging them in solutions that let you go live in weeks instead of months or years."

Intellective's transition to the Elite Partner status recognizes achievements in the ServiceNow partner assessment methodology, which identifies the activities, accomplishments, and commitments that demonstrate Intellective's level of ServiceNow investment and go-to-market maturity.

About Intellective

Intellective is a ServiceNow innovation studio with teams of specialized experienced and result oriented professionals that have one common purpose — build delightful products that wow users. They have been a trusted partner for ServiceNow and many of their top tier customers, helping them harness the power of the platform and bring amazing solutions to life. They specialize in employee experience development on ServiceNow and deliver the promise of WOW ON NOW through their innovative products that are certified Built-on-Now and delivered straight from the ServiceNow Store.