ServiceNow Custom Solutions

We are a dedicated ServiceNow solutions provider with expertise in Service Portal, custom integrations and in general, pushing the limits of the platform so our customers can make the most of their investment.

Our Beliefs and Methodology

INTELLECTIVE is an adjective meaning cognitive – the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. The result of this? A perception, sensation, notion, or intuition. It means that as cognitive humans, we can make plans, and execute those plans. We are smart enough to make goals – and to realize those goals.

We believe that creating good software takes significant strategizing and planning, which requires an intellective team. Our foundation in software design and development allows us foresight that we mix with empathy and a lack of assumptions in order to fully position ourselves as advocates for users. We understand that your user experience IS your brand in the digital world and that it touches on many aspects of an application including speed, visuals, usability and more.

With this unique combination of skills and backgrounds we use a user experience process as a guide to drive development and operations for digital solutions.

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