Replace legacy or expensive intranets by leveraging your ServiceNow investment. Simply install the pack, configure the data sources and you have an engaging employee experience.

Easy to Setup

Install pack and get going

The Employee Experience pack from Intellective enables you to have a turn-key comprehensive employee experience portal in a matter of hours.  Simply install the pack, configure the data sources and you have an engaging employee experience.

Simple and Intuitive

Our builders are browser based so no additional software or hardware is needed. The interface is simple and clear so you configure the data sources and decide which widgets you would want to offer as part of the experience.

Responsive to Fit Every Devices

Your design will always look perfect no matter which device it is on for a better viewing experience.  


Built-in Kudos App

Employees are able to quickly recognize each other to show their appreciation.  Employees can choose to proudly show their recognitions in their profile. Management team can save tons of hours by utilizing data to recognize employees during Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings.

Expressing one self

Employees can share their emotions to any object or piece of content by using emojis capabilities.


Employee friendly categorization

Navigating the knowledge base or the catalog made easy by providing categories that resonate with employees and matches their mental model of how the information should be structured.

Contextual Search

Contextual search saves the employee extra clicks from finding what they are looking for by taking into account where the user is at. Related items from other data sources are also shown for better search experience.

Comprehensive Profile

Employees expectation is met by enabling them to access all data related to them in the profile view.  They can affect their “profile” across the enterprise without having to use various applications.


The portal adapts to the user and offers recommendations by inferring users interest and comparing it to others with the same interest.

Employees have the ability to customize their portal to match their interests and desires. A “backpack” container captures the customized widgets and is available throughout the experience with a single click.

Turbocharge Your Employee Experience

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