Employee Experience Services

Offer your employees a state of the art portal so they can be as efficient as possible enabling self service.

Digital Employee Experience

Digital Employee Experience is a necessity for any modern organization, especially in the remote/hybrid work environment. When implemented in silos, it doesn't just waste resources - it can negatively affect employees and wastes time.  

Intellective offers an industry-tested service to enable companies to deploy a successful employee experience anchored in meeting stakeholders' expectations, measurable KPI's, and is completely centered around what your employees need.

1. Stakeholder Engagement

We're here to understand what's working and not working for you, what your expectations are, and what success means to you and your team.  

Our personalized meetings allow you the opportunity to express what's most important to you to improve your day-to-day operations.

2. Current State Analysis

Each department within a company has different workflows and different needs. We work with you to review those current workflows, examine top issues each department is dealing with and identify where to focus on self-service to deflect those issues/requests.  

Search data and knowledge data are analyzed to identify gaps in finding information, which lead to actionable recommendations to markedly improve the Employee Experience.

3. Findings, Recommendations, & Alignment

After we've done our research, we present our findings and recommendations to the stakeholders and ensure that expectations are met.  

We'll address topics such as top generating issues, lack of engagement and how to correct it, KPI baselines, and employee friendly taxonomies among others.

Once we've made sure we're all on the same page, we'll get things moving with our design team.

4. Iterative Design

Our design team uses the information and research provided to improve usability and the overall experience for your employees. Some examples include redesigned home, knowledge, and catalog pages with employee-friendly categorization. We'll also provide custom designs for an App Hub page, and private and public employee profiles based on the recommendations while fully reflecting your company’s brand.

We'll include things like favorites and consolidated to-dos to ensure that whatever you're looking for, you can get to it quickly saving time, money, and headaches.

5. Measure KPIs, Build & Deploy

Through 3 two-week sprints (6 weeks in total), we'll develop the agreed-upon scope utilizing our web builder Wonder.

At the end of each sprint, we'll demo the work we've done and gather stakeholder feedback. We will review information architecture, We'll adjust where needed, and work quickly to stay right on track in terms of timeline.