Tactics for IT Teams to Reduce Customer Service Costs

Tactics for IT Teams to Reduce Customer Service Costs

With rising inflation costs and increasing customer expectations, delivering effective customer experiences is becoming more costly and time-consuming. But this is not just a priority for customer-facing teams, IT teams also need to focus on how they can equip the organization to deliver better customer experiences more efficiently.

Here are some ways IT teams can cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the experience being delivered.

Empower Customers with Self-Service

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Digital self-service is key to decreasing cost-to-serve.

Self-service is not only the preferred method for customer interactions, but also helps businesses save more than $7 per interaction for a B2C company and $13 for a B2B company.

With self-service, customers are able to get the answers and information they need more quickly without needing to contact a sales representative. This approach enables customers to scale their customer service strategy more efficiently. So instead of relying solely on live channels, IT teams can leverage self-service to improve the quality and consistency of the experiences delivered, like making sure customers know where to find the products and information they need.

Accelerate with Automation

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Another effective way to reduce costs is to identify opportunities to automate processes. For example, many B2B organizations have complicated and lengthy ordering and approval workflows. Automate and accelerate this process to both save time for the business and the customer.

Another critical process that can be improved with automation is onboarding. Onboarding customers is incredibly important, as the success of onboarding will play a key role in whether the customer decides to stay or not.

However, B2B onboarding takes roughly 3 months and involves 4-6 different tools. It’s no wonder customers are having a difficult time onboarding and getting started quickly.

With automation, businesses can accelerate many of the forms, processes, and workflows needed to onboard customers properly.

Provide a Single Solution

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However, these different cost-saving tools will become costly to manage and difficult for customers to navigate. Bring everything together under a single solution to resolve both of these problems.

With a unified customer portal, businesses are able to deliver a single, secure solution for customers to access the content, information, and processes they need. Customers can quickly find what they need without having to go through different touchpoints.

Additionally, unifying systems and applications together makes it easier for businesses to manage and update. Instead of managing an unruly customer service tech stack, businesses can save time and effort by delivering an effective customer portal.

Cut Costs Not Experience

While delivering excellent customer experience should be your business’s main priority, it doesn’t need to be your main expense. With the right strategy and tools in place, you can provide the experiences your customers are looking for more efficiently.

Intellective’s Employee Experience Pack sits on top of ServiceNow to deliver a personalized and unified employee engagement experience where you can integrate data across software platforms to deliver a world class employee experience. The Employee Experience Pack has been proven to reduce costs by $800,000 for every 1% increase in employee self-service. You can leverage the analytics inside of ServiceNow to gain insights on employee engagement since team members will be using the portals to get the information they need since it is now so simply.

Below are some of the benefits you get from the Employee Experience Pack:

  • Replace legacy or expensive intranets in a matter of days or weeks
  • A built-in kudos app that makes it easy to recognize employees
  • Access information across the entire organization in one place using the Employee Experience Pack tools for ServiceNow
  • AI driven recommendations to personalize the experience
  • Contextual search to make it easy for employee to find what they need in one click
  • Best practices driven topic taxonomy makes it easy to plugin your content and provides an intuitive navigation experience
  • Widgets such as “My Active Items,” “Latest News” and “Suggested for You” create a personalized user experience
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