How to Practically Use the Top 5 Trends in Employee Engagement to Attract and Retain Team Members

How to Practically Use the Top 5 Trends in Employee Engagement to Attract and Retain Team Members

Employee engagement is about making an emotional connection between an employee, their workspace, and the company. Companies struggle to achieve their goals without employee engagement, and business suffers as a result.

Through the pandemic, as people started working remotely, they felt a decrease in employee engagement, and that has led to an increase in employee turnover rate in several organizations.  

Many companies are getting on track for employee engagement, which is building new industry trends. Today, you'll get to know about five such trends that will take over in 2022.

Employee Engagement Trends for 2022:

·     Build an Inclusive Workspace
·     Appreciate Their Efforts
·     Prioritize Their Health
·     Provide Ample Benefits
·     Help Them Upskill, and Grow

Employee gathering

1. Build an Inclusive Workspace

Having an inclusive workspace is the most important employee engagement trend. Without an inclusive workspace, your employees will feel isolated and cannot work at their optimal levels. This trend has been ruling the roost for many years and continues to do so because of the impact it has on organizational health.  

An inclusive workspace can be considered as a place where everyone on the team is respected, valued, and included in decisions. Moreover, having an inclusive workspace is highly regarded when a team is truly global, comprising people from various ethnicities and backgrounds.

In such cases, it becomes very easy to feel isolated and away from the team, and if that happens, your employees won't stick around for very long.  

Companies are trying to build inclusive workspace culture by hosting informal gatherings, shifting towards diversity & inclusivity, and treating every employee equally, no matter what.

Employee recognition

2. Appreciate Their Efforts

58% of people consider employee recognition and appreciation as the best way to boost engagement. An employee that is recognized for their efforts will go the extra mile for the company and work towards getting more and more recognition. Moreover, with little investment, the results of this are outstanding and long-lasting.  

Recognition and appreciation of employees’ efforts are an excellent way to retain the best people in the company. No matter how high the salaries are, if the employees don't feel appreciated, they will soon leave for another workplace that values employee efforts.  

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3. Prioritize Their Health

As a business, you should also emphasize and prioritize your employees' health. This has become a new employee engagement trend where companies are helping employees to look after their health by providing work-life balance and additional health-promoting perks.


Many companies are providing employees with gym memberships, health competitions, and other attractive benefits to boost employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, and this is winning hearts.

Employees are no longer attracted to higher salaries with stressful jobs; they are in pursuit of companies that can provide them with an excellent work-life balance and prioritize their health.  

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4. Provide Ample Benefits

Another increasingly popular employee engagement tactic is about providing benefits to employees. These benefits can be in the form of paid leaves, time off, gatherings, health insurance plans, coupons, and other things that boost an employee's morale and attract them to work effectively.  

Companies have started providing work-from-home setup expenses and even reimbursements for specific services they take up. As a part of employee engagement, such benefits offer companies a loyal workforce that can go the extra mile to keep the company profitable and running.  

Career growth

5. Help Them Upskill, and Grow

Upskilling is a significant part of career growth within and outside an organization. If you can help your employees upskill as a part of employee engagement, you'll notice fruitful results. Not only will your employees stick with the company, but also, you'll have a workforce of specialists and skilled professionals.

Provide ample growth opportunities within the company for every employee and see how your attrition rates come down. One of the biggest factors that force people to switch jobs is when they feel stuck and not growing.

If you provide upskilling and ample growth opportunities to your employees, you will have a team of the best and most experienced people working for you.

How to Easily Implement the 5 Trends in Your Organization using the ServiceNow Platform

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The application allows you to solicit employee feedback, prioritize it, assign action items, and track progress. Since everything is located in one place, you can make it easy for employees to find the right training to enhance their career.

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